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Preparing For Winter


1. Get your flu jab

Flu affects people in different ways. If you are healthy you will usually shake it off within a week, but for young children, older people with chronic health conditions, it can be very serious.  The annual flu vaccination is offered free to people who are most at risk from the effects of flu. Find out more about flu vaccinations and who is eligible for a free one.

2. Check your vehicle is winter ready

It is advisable to use a screen wash additive as this helps to keep the windscreen free of dirt and winter road grime caused by road salting and gritting which can cause visibility issues. There is also the risk of a frozen windscreen which is another reason to ensure you use a proper anti-freeze screen wash. Read more about preparing your car for winter.

You should also take a quick check of your tyres – not only is it dangerous to drive in winter conditions with low levels of tread on your vehicle’s tyres, it’s also illegal. Check your tyres regularly to avoid a fine of £2500 and three penalty points per tyre found below the legal depth. Read more about tyres and vehicle checks to make before a long journey.

If you get stuck in your car in winter it could be dangerous, so get a winter car kit ready: ice scraper, de-icer, jump leads, shovel, blanket, sunglasses (for winter glare from the low sun), torch. Get all these things ready before the start of winter and then keep them in the car – you never know when you might need them. For longer trips think about food, water and medicines too. Here’s what should be in your winter car kit.

3. Check your heating – your home should be heated to at least 18 °C

Cold weather can be a risk to your health, particularly if you are over 65 or have health conditions. The cold thickens blood and increases blood pressure, and breathing in cold air can increase the risk of chest infections. Your home (and those of your elderly relatives and neighbours) should ideally be at least 18 °C. During cold spells, keep your windows closed at night as this could cause a real drop in the temperature indoors.

4. Plumbing – Stoptap Location

It’s also important to know where your stoptap (also called stopcock or stop valve) is and to check it regularly to make sure it is working. This will enable you to turn off the water to your home quickly should there be a problem. Most can be found under the kitchen sink

5. Weatherproof your home and garden

Think about what may be impacted by strong winds or flooding. In windy weather surprising things can become dangerous. Trees or branches can come down, cast . Garden furniture and even children’s toys and trampolines can fly around causing damage and potential harm and fences can become problems too.

6. Have basic supplies to hand

Make sure you have basic supplies in case you have to leave home quickly or your power and water are disrupted. It’s worth putting together a ‘grab bag’, with the following in:

  • Bottled water
  • Medicines
  • Torch, radio and batteries
  • Copies of important documents
  • A change of clothes

Here’s a more extensive ‘grab bag’ packing list. There is more information about this available on the Government’s Preparing for Emergencies page

7. Consider how you would access vital information if a storm takes out power and phonelines

We are so reliant on the internet, but if a storm meant power and mobile phone networks were affected, what would you do?  Consider a separate battery charger, and you could store key information such as the power cut helpline number (105) on your phone. Find out more about dealing with a power cut.

8. Think of vulnerable neighbours

Not everyone is able to access the help or information they may require to keep them safe and well in winter. It’s nice to be neighbourly and the human contact with others can have really positive effects for everyone. You may be able to help your neighbour with an important job to prepare for winter, or your neighbour may be able to help you. Just taking time to make contact will be appreciated.


26 November 2020 – Covid19 UPDATE

Throughout the Coronavirus Pandemic we have been working hard to continue meeting our residents’ needs while keeping everyone as safe as possible.

Due to Government Restrictions starting we have once again closed our office to personal callers and visitors BUT you can continue to contact us on 0121 525 5969 during normal business hours 10am – 4pm Monday to Friday as we will continue to operate our service from the Association’s office.

We will continue to deal with repairs as usual but please be aware that there can be delays in obtaining materials or specialist contractors so some repairs may take longer than we would normally expect.

If you report a repair we will assess whether there is any risk to our staff or contractors before arranging to attend. The repairs operative will wear a mask and gloves when attending and will ask you to maintain a safe distance throughout the repairs visit. If you have any concerns about this then please contact us on 0121 525 5969.

You will also see that our service contractors are able to continue working as they are not working in individual properties so you may see them carrying out cleaning duties or servicing fire alarms and emergency lighting.

We will be reviewing the position each week and as Covid 19 restrictions are eased or increased we may need to vary our service availability accordingly but we will keep you informed of the situation if you do report a repair to us.

You can still call your Housing Officer or report repairs on 0121 525 5969.  Out-of-hours repairs should be reported on 0300 333 6540.

If you are having a problem paying your rent please speak to us for advice.

Sadly we have had to close Youth Club and 5- 11  Club again. We will be looking to re-open these activities once the current lockdown has expired.

Finally if you require support on any matter please give us a call and we will look to assist you  or tell you which agencies are currently offering the support you need.


19 October 2020

Youth Club, 5 – 11  Club and Toddlers all Re-open.

A quick reminder that we have reopened Youth Club and 5-11 Club with restricted numbers. We have also restarted Toddler sessions.

All the above activities are fully compliant with the latest Government Guidance documents but please be aware that the situation can change quickly and if new restrictions are introduced we may need to close at short notice so please check on our Facebook and Twitter accounts for the latest news.

A big thank you to our Events Co-Ordinator Amy Rushton  who spent many hours translating the Government Guidance into practical solutions that made sure we were Covid19 secure and compliant and to the excellent Lyng sessional staff and volunteers for assisting with getting everything ready for the re-opening.


12 October 2020 – Lyng Annual Report to Tenants

We are delighted to share our Annual Report to tenants for 2019/20. As usual we would be delighted to hear your views about anything you see in our report.

Please remember that if you want to join the Board of Directors of the Association  we would be very pleased to hear from you.  We will provide you with all the information and support you might need to become an effective Board member and you will play a key role in shaping the Association’s future. In line with our rules  50% of the Association’s Board are drawn from the Association’s tenants so you will be on a Board with fellow members of our community.

LyngCA-AnnualReport2020-V4-231020 (1)

Help with rent arrears and problems with paying your rent.

If you cannot pay your rent, don’t ignore the problem. Talk to us as soon as possible. Whether the problem is caused by a change of circumstances, a budgeting difficulty, or a cut in benefits, you can take some important steps  to help get yourself back in control and avoid eviction.

It’s understandable you might be worried about notifying us that you’re going to be late with the rent but it’s far better to get the issue out in the open before you actually fail to pay up. It also allows you to

  • explain why you’re going to be late with the rent and ask for some extra time
  • be clear about what you’re doing to address the problem to help ensure it won’t happen again.

Call us on 0121 525 5969 – Monday – Friday 10am -4pm our staff are working in our office on a rota basis but we cannot deal with personal callers sorry.

About Lyng Community Association

Lyng Community Association is proud to be at the heart of West Bromwich’s flagship residential development. We provide 200 high quality homes for affordable rent, provide a management service for a further 250 homes and manage and maintain shared communal areas across the mixed tenure estate under a Management Agreement with Lyng Management Company as well as building a community spirit to make the Lyng a vibrant place to live.

We’re a not-for-profit organisation set up after a group of pioneering local people united to redevelop the old Lyng estate by creating homes fit for modern living, as well as fantastic open spaces.

Now is an exciting time in the history of the Lyng as we shape our thriving community, keeping our focus on sustainable regeneration and local empowerment. The 2017 Tenant Satisfaction Survey provided us with a fantastic 97% overall satisfaction rate – putting us amongst the best performing housing associations across the UK.

Lyng Community Association manages its properties from our office at 3 Frank Fisher Way West Bromwich . You can phone us on 0121 525 5969. (10am – 4pm)

Please note our office is not open to callers in order to comply with Government Advice to restrict the spread of Coronavirus.

Housing Surgeries -are suspended until further notice. 

For Lyng repairs service please contact 0121 525 5969 – during working hours.

For emergency repairs outside office hours the number is 0300 333 6540.

Please remember that the Emergency Repairs service is now provided by Bourneville Property Care on 0300 333 6540.

Paying your rent 24 hour automated rent payments are accepted  – please telephone Allpay on 0844 225 5729   –  you will need to have your payment card (so you can enter the long account number when asked for this)  and credit or debit card with you.

Or pay online here Allpay logo


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Lyng Community Association – building a thriving, successful community and creating a great place to live.


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