Tenants area

Tenants’ area

Lyng Community Association was established in 2000 after a group of pioneering local people united to regenerate the estate.

Service standards

Residents can expect certain standards from our grounds maintenance and cleaning services, so we have drawn up a set of agreed service standards for each. They are summarised below.

Grounds maintenance service standards:

1) All grassed areas mown every fortnight between 1st April and 31st October, with all cuttings removed.

2) Grass edges to borders, paths and paved areas kept neatly trimmed.

3) Beds kept weed-free.

4) Weedkiller used on fence lines, paths, drives, paved areas and car parks.

5) Paved areas, paths, drives and car parks cleared of debris and litter fortnightly between 1st April and 31st October.

6) All grassed and paved areas cleared of leaves and litter monthly between 1st November and 31st March.

7) Grids over storm water drains cleared of debris when necessary.

8) Hedges, shrubs and climbing plants trimmed, pruned and cut back as necessary, with debris removed, to maintain shape and condition and prevent encroachment on grassed or paved areas or windows.

9) After each visit, a nominated or available resident will be given a satisfaction slip to score work carried out and give comments.

Cleaning of communal areas service standards:

1) Every fortnight carpeted areas will be cleaned and vacuumed, stairs wiped, cobwebs and marks on internal walls and panels removed and door   entry systems cleaned.

2) Windows in communal stairwells cleaned on both sides every three months.

3) Annual cleaning of light fittings and replacement of lighting where necessary.

4) Annual shampooing of carpets, when needed.

5) Steel ledges in stairwells cleaned every six months




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